Work with Nature, Not Against it

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One of the hot topics today, other than politics, is something called work-life balance.  This is the concept that there is some magical balance between doing the things we have to (work) and doing the things we want to (life).  I am simplifying the whole thing, but let’s face it, no one wants work-life balance if their life is a painful, solitary existence.

We have found that the work required to sustain our modern lives is more than we are willing to pay.  However, I have discovered that the secret to this balance is doing what you were born to do.  Work with nature, rather than trying to earn a dollar, and you will find happiness along with a full life.  Someone that enjoys life and work will find that the boundaries between the two blur and fade.  Balance becomes a non-issue when labor and life both serve as energizing existences.

Individual Nature

The first step in matching nature to individual is finding what they truly enjoy.  When we try to help others, our very nature tends to get in the way.  We stumble over the idea that others like and dislike the same things we do and for the same reasons.  This is magnified when parents try to help children because there is the assumption that the child is similar to the parent.  My DNA is mixed into that kid so they must have similar tastes, right?  Wrong.  Every child is a mix of genes and environment that is unique and potentially very different from one or both parents.

When observing others mind-reading is not an option.  Unfortunately “putting yourself in their shoes” is not much help either because they have a different makeup and respond differently.  The key is honest communication.  This even requires honesty with one’s self which can be challenging.  We grow up with dreams and aspirations about our life that are not really ours, but expectations of others.  The key to true happiness is finding out which dreams are real and which ones are planted by others.

Work with Nature as a Parent

A parent can give their children a great gift by allowing the child to grow into their nature.  This means pushing children to try different things and making it ok to love or hate each experience.  When little Billy expresses a desire to be a sanitation worker instead of the doctor you want them to be, do not show your dismay.  Billy may grow up to be the sanitation engineer that finds the path to making all resources renewable and are known throughout history.  Of course, that is not exactly a likely outcome, but that’s ok.  We can not all be rich and famous, nor would we want to if we looked at what that really means.  The key is to do what makes you happy, in the end, that will be all the success you ever need.

Work with Nature as a Manager/Coach

One of the shared requirements of a coach and a manager is the ability to create a team.  Although the members of the team may not be something you can change, you can adjust roles to match nature.  In fact, matching members to strengths is one of the key attributes of a highly successful leader.  Success starts by getting to know your team members.  In order to place someone in the role where they will do best, their strengths and weaknesses must first be assessed.  The assessment may be done through personality measurement tools like Myers-Briggs or it can be done through informal lunches with the team members.

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