Being Wise In Your Own Eyes is a Mistake

When you are wise in your own eyes, you are missing out.  The key to a lifelong path of wisdom is always to be open to what you don’t know.

Proverbs 3:7: “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Loard and shun evil.”

What is Wise in your Eyes?

I think it is easiest to examine this focused on the “in your own eyes” part.  Obviously, this is not some warning against pursuing or valuing wisdom.  Instead, this is a warning against deciding you are wise and devaluing the input of others.  The more we know, the more we realize how little we know.  This truism is the crux of this passage.  When you stop growing in wisdom, you start down the path of fools.

Blind Spots are Everywhere

Like it or not, we all have blind spots in our lives.  These are areas of ignorance about others and ourselves.  We simply can not go through life without having a bias that impacts our reaction to nearly every situation.  There are a few things we come across where we can be completely neutral.  However, none of these are going to be important to us.  The mere fact that something is important to us means we will have a bias.

Knowing this, we will always have areas in our life that provide opportunities for new insight and wisdom.  True wisdom understands that different points of view create different stories.  If you doubt this at all, listen to the arguments of two different fans about a replay of a competitive event.

Teaching Children this Wisdom

I think this bit of wisdom can easily be shown via sleight-of-hand.  I did a podcast on this recently (Teaching Sleight of Hand and Deeper Lessons), and it happens to be perfect timing.  The point to bring up is how being in different locations can completely change things.  Various points of view alone can make a magic trick look completely obvious or 100% effective.  If you want to keep it simpler, have your child take a look at a room on the inside and outside of a wall.  The point of view can make something completely unknown when a wall or other obstruction is properly placed.

For Dads, wad up a ball of paper and toss it at your child.  Then give them a shelter, and the same ball will not touch them.  Wisdom is like that; it understands that walls exist and knows how to use and circumvent them through the input of others.

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