Wisdom is a Divine Gift

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One of the keys to true Wisdom is understanding that there are things in life bigger than ourselves.  Awe and fear of a greater power like God can provide a source of our greatest wisdom.

Proverbs 2:5-6: “then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Accept Wisdom as a Divine Gift

Of course, Solomon focused on the word of God for his wisdom.  He spent a lot of time experiencing life.  However, he came back to his faith and the lessons he learned from his Jewish upbringing.  Among many things religion provide us, wisdom is one of the most valuable.

Think about it.  When you accept that an omniscient being has provided us knowledge, then that should be valuable and essentially unquestionable.  We can learn from our mistakes and those of others, or just go to the Divine source.

Becoming Better Parents from This

I think any parent can benefit from this saying, not just one of Judeo-Christian faith.  The key is to accept that there is more to life than ourselves.  The “word of the Lord” can come to us from any source.  It may be a bit of wisdom from a professor or a homeless person on the street.  The key is to stay open to wisdom from any source, and thus more will come to us.  We can learn from even our children or people in different situations from ours.  Our class, race, beliefs, social standing, intelligence, and any other distinguisher does not corner the market on wisdom.  Stay open to knowledge from any source.

Teaching Children this Wisdom

This idea is often taught to our children as “question everything.”  However, it is a twist on this approach.  Instead, the approach should be “listen to every answer.”  We do need to teach our children to discern the wise from the foolish.  It is a matter of raising our children to listen, analyze, and take in their interactions with the world.  Instead of being closed to some sources and ideas, we should assume that any “ugly duckling” can turn into a swan.  Moreover, we will answer to a higher power and should not think our foolishness will remain hidden nor should we become comfortable with it.


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