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Take Action – Do Not Delay in Being Kind or Just

take action

The Proverbs have pointed us towards loving others.  Whether we are acting out of kindness or justice, we should do so promptly.  Delay for the sake of itself has no purpose.  It is simply foolishness.  Take action when you can, do not put off what you can do today. Proverbs… Read more »

Episode 88 – Teaching Sleight of Hand and Deeper Lessons

Explaining Sleight of Hand Can Be Eye-Opening Sleight of hand and misdirection (sometimes called magic) are fascinating to kids and easy to teach.  The dexterity required may sometimes seem too much.  However, kids are happy to buy into these tricks and thus set the bar low.  While teaching a skill like… Read more »

Avoid Wicked Men, You Share the Fate of Those You Associate With

Wicked Men

As we move ahead in the Proverbs, we look at our associates.  The author tells us that wisdom will protect us from wicked men.  It then provides examples for how to recognize them. Proverbs 2:12: “Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse”… Read more »