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A Racism and Bigotry Rant

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Sometimes it Helps to Vent Everyone and their brother have been voicing their opinion about white supremacy groups and racism.  I guess it is my turn.  This is not a very educational episode.  However, it is a plea for embracing those different from you.  They outnumber you roughly the population… Read more »

Getting Better Day-By-Day – Episode 97

Incremental Improvement Whether we look out ourselves or our children, there is a desire to get better.  We may strive for perfection, but we all know that is impossible.  Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to push ourselves and our children to at least become “the best.”  However, this also is… Read more »

Challenges Make Life Better – Episode 92

Past Failures Do Not Block Future Success The challenges we face in life can be exhausting.  Nevertheless, that does make them wrong or even something we should avoid.  When we overcome an obstacle that becomes a win, we can hang our hat on it.  The key to success is to feed on those… Read more »