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Stay Positive to Avoid Eating Your Words

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Think Positive, stay positive

When parents don’t stay positive, sometimes their kids make them regret it.  One thing that sticks out from my childhood is a saying from my mother.  She said, “no one will pay you to sit in front of a computer all day.”  She meant that as motivation and may have… Read more »

There is a Time and a Place – Allowing Freedom

Man in business suit sitting in chair in road parking spot feeding a meter.

One challenge of raising children is teaching them about a time and a place for various behaviors.  We teach this as part of helping a child grow up and it is just one of many things to learn.  An important aspect of this teaching is that there are times when… Read more »

Work with Nature, Not Against it

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Tree with half blooming and half desolate

One of the hot topics today, other than politics, is something called work-life balance.  This is the concept that there is some magical balance between doing the things we have to (work) and doing the things we want to (life).  I am simplifying the whole thing, but let’s face it,… Read more »