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A Racism and Bigotry Rant

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Sometimes it Helps to Vent Everyone and their brother have been voicing their opinion about white supremacy groups and racism.  I guess it is my turn.  This is not a very educational episode.  However, it is a plea for embracing those different from you.  They outnumber you roughly the population… Read more »

Maintain Discretion and Preserve Wisdom

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preserve wisdom

This Proverb talks about maintaining knowledge and a charge to preserve wisdom.  One may think it is just a request to pass down the knowledge gained, but it goes deeper than that. Proverbs 5:1-2: “My son, pay attention to my wisdom,     turn your ear to my words of insight, 2 that you may maintain… Read more »

Explaining Adulterous Women to Kids

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A Proverb about adulterous women may seem completely foreign to children.  This is just not something they have to contend with in most cases.  In this post, we look at some key points of wisdom that are in this passage. Proverbs 2:16-17: “Wisdom will save you also from adulterous women, from… Read more »