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Allowance as an Educational Tool

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A childs allowance

There are arguments for and against giving kids an allowance.  We can look at struggles of the younger generations to see where improvements can be made.  Although developing a work ethic is important, an allowance has many benefits.  The ideas of saving, investing, and money management are just a few…. Read more »

Episode 44 – Tough Love

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Tough Love Has Two Parts A parent that does not understand tough love will struggle to raise their children.  There are two sides to this approach.  There is the “tough” side of it and the “love” side.  When our children have to face consequences for their actions it can be very… Read more »

Exaggeration and Hyperbole Serve Only To Confuse – Find Balance

Guy exaggerating size of goldfish behind him.

Whether in business or personal life I have found that saying what you mean is crucial.  In business, this falls into the category of “under promise and over deliver.”  In personal life, this means not over-dramatizing situations.  We often use hyperbole and exaggeration to get the attention of others or… Read more »