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Pull Them Into Success Instead of Holding Them Back For Safety

Turning a No into a Yes-and Success is sometimes a matter of perspective.  Kids have goals and measures of success that often are not practical or safe.  Thus, we tell our children “No” far more often than we give them a “Yes.”  This can create a point of conflict or… Read more »

Stay Positive to Avoid the Hate

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People around table that says Stay Positive

We all have our favorite topics and opinions.  If nothing else, social media has shown us that millions share those same views while millions disagree.  Facts even appear to be irrelevant as proven theories and assumptions are regularly called into question. All this disagreement leads to many people showing their… Read more »

Misdirection – The First and Best Avoidance Technique

Three cups with one showing balls underneath like a shell game.

Pop Quiz.  What is the first thing a parent does with a  crying newborn?  Correct.  They go to the child and try to calm them.  The calming attempts include feeding the baby or changing diapers.  In short, they try to address the discomfort that caused the tears.  When a baby continues… Read more »