Stories of the Rich and Successful

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We have all heard stories of others that overcame adversity to become rich, successful, or both.  I think one of the biggest tragedies in life is that too many of us believe that ability to overcome is only for others.  On the contrary, there are a lot of motivational speakers out there that will tell you that every one of us has the capability to overcome.

Rich and Successful are not Set in Stone

The first thing to understand is that rich and successful is in the eye of the beholder.  When it comes down to it, the goal is happiness.  When we are happy, we define our riches and success by the things that make us happy.  Rich is not just about money.  One may be rich in health, relationships, or things.  Success is very similar.  The goals you set are what is used to measure success.

The problem is that life likes to throw us curveballs.  No matter what are goals are, there are going to be detours, setbacks,  and roadblocks.  Those should be seen as the tools to make our story more interesting.  Let’s face it, would you watch a movie where the hero strolls through their goals and never has any challenges?


A Step at a Time

We have all overcome challenges to some degree.  No life is so charmed that you can exist without something that must be overcome.  Thus, we have a level of success we achieve as often as every day.  The thing to take away from every story of incredible success is that it starts with a step.  Often the step is relatively minor.  Every story of overcoming a challenge starts with deciding to face the challenge.  That is the key, choose to meet the challenge and take a step towards doing so.  Once we take that first step, the second one is easier.

When you look at someone like Bill Gates, it is easy to miss the journey they took.  He did not earn all of those riches overnight.  He went to work every day for a lot of years and kept moving forward toward his goals.  In fact, when you listen to him, the goal was never to be rich, that was just a great side-effect.


The Journey Invigorates

Examine your favorite success story.  At some point, the journey to success becomes the focus.  It is like a person on a long trip that starts staring at their feet.  There are things going on around them fade from notice.  Little challenges do not seem to distract us enough (unless you are OCD), but larger ones do.  This is where we get a “second wind” or “in the zone, ” and the challenge is our focus.  We find that each successive step feeds our drive to the point where we can not imagine a life where we are not advancing on our goal.

This ability is not magic.  Overcoming adversity is not a super power.  It is in our nature.  I guarantee you have overcome some challenges in your life already.  Thus, next time you want a great story of the rich and successful, sit back and review yours.  Your story is still being written, but you can see ways to future success by reviewing how you have done it in the past.


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