Stay Positive to Avoid Eating Your Words

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When parents don’t stay positive, sometimes their kids make them regret it.  One thing that sticks out from my childhood is a saying from my mother.  She said, “no one will pay you to sit in front of a computer all day.”  She meant that as motivation and may have said, “playing computer games.”  However, my career that has me in front of a screen most of every day proves her wrong.  My point in bringing this up is not to pick on my mom, but instead to show that sometimes we limit others based on our experiences.

There is No Box

Thinking “outside of the box” is lauded in many circles.  This skill is attributed to genius and creativity.  However, neither of those is required.  Sometimes permission is all that is needed.

For example, there is a video floating around Facebook of a boy that hops on a sewing machine and makes teddy bears.  Most people would say that required thinking outside of the box.  If only to expose him to that idea.  Maybe his parents just let him do whatever seemed interesting.

When you don’t place people in a box and set boundaries, they often will surprise you.  In fact, that is one of the habits of the highly successful.  Listen to anyone successful, and you will hear how they refused to accept boundaries.  The thing is, anyone can do it, those barriers that are holding you back,  They are arbitrary.


It Has Never Been Done That Way

Think about it.  Is there any great story that did not start with someone saying something cannot be done, or it never has?  No man had walked on the moon until Armstrong did.  No one made money on the Internet, and now it seems like everyone is.  There are some people that take a statement like this and turn it into motivation.  They drive themselves to amend “it has never been done” to “it has never been done…until now.”


The is No Silver Bullet

Steve Jobs was not a super-hero.  Michael Jordan may have beaten back aliens in “Space Jam, ” but he is also still human.  I am not saying anyone can become Michael Jordan, but everyone can become the Michael Jordan of something.  The key is finding the niche, for yourself and for those that look up to you.  Staying positive means we need to drop phrases from our vocabulary.

This means we need to drop phrases from our vocabulary.  Instead of telling a child they will never amount to anything if they don’t get good grades, help them find their path.  Their hobby may be just a hobby, but it may be their calling.  Maybe they are on the road to be the Michael Jordan collecting baseball cards or the founder of a musical style known as “banging pots and pans.”


Nothing Worthwhile is Easy

Of course, this is not a call to let the inmates run the asylum.  Hard work is required for success.  This applies to anything worthwhile.  The key is to find the work we enjoy so we don’t notice all the hours put into our success.

The road to professional sports of any kind is arduous.  I think professional ice hockey in the U.S. may be the toughest.  So I am sure Mike Modano had a rough road to get to the pros.  However, I think he nailed the secret to every success when talking about playing.  He said that when he stepped on the ice all of his worries melted away.  Whether you are mentoring someone else or listening to your inner dialogue

Whether you are mentoring someone else or listening to your inner dialogue, find the “step on the ice” activity.  That thing that makes you feel complete.  Then chase it.  Own it.  Become one with that activity.  Once you do, you will know the secret to happiness.  Don’t take my word for it.  Ask anyone that has found their calling.  They may have bad days, but for the most part, they are happy people.


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