Start Your Day Right – A Habit For Success

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There are several habits that successful people share.  One of the easiest patterns to create is to start your day right.  The national dairy association and cereal producers have praised the value of a good breakfast for decades.  Although this is a good start, a look at the habits of the successful shows more steps to a healthy morning ritual.  We will look at some here and see how easy it can be to start doing at least a few of these.

Make Momma Happy – Make Your Bed

Several reasons have been proposed for why to make your bed.  I find the argument that it is less likely you will crawl back in speaks to me.  When you are a “keep hitting the snooze button” person, as I am, an unmade bed can be enticing.  The unmade bed seems even more enticing when it is cold out.  Another great reason to make your bed is to get an early win.  Everything may be going nuts today, but at least the bed got made.

Before you leave the room, go ahead and open the shades.  Natural light does a light of good to us physically and mentally.  When you can start your day with some sunlight, you will find things just seem to go better.  I manage to catch the sunrise most days, and I can tell the difference when I miss it.  Overcast and stormy days are even worse.

The Basics

Brush your teeth and maybe take a cold shower.  These tasks will help wake you up, even more than a cup of coffee.  Brushing your teeth is a great step in cleaning sleep out of your system while giving you minty fresh breath.  Some suggest a cold shower as a way to get the blood flowing.  To be honest, I think I do fine every morning without a cold shower.

Some level of exercise is often recommended to get the blood flowing.  This also can help with general fitness issues like joint and heart health.  The time and amount can vary wildly.  The goal is to get your heart rate up a little and stretch your body after being still for several hours.  A good warm up before wandering into the world may also reduce stubbed toes and twisted ankles.  I had chronic knee and ankle pains that went away after I started regular stretching and crouching exercises.  So that alone sold me on this particular routine.

The best thing about these steps is that they can be done before you leave your bedroom.  You can step out of bed right into a successful start by making the bed and brushing your teeth.  Better yet, if the paparazzi are right outside your bedroom door, then at least you won’t look quite so bad.

Start Your Day with a Lemon

The “experts” vary on whether they recommend cold or warm water with a little lemon juice.  Thus, choose your favorite way to consume it, just make sure you throw a little lemon in the water.  This kickstarts your day with a shot of some vitamins, and it aids digestion.  There are even claims that this can help dieters as it can act as an appetite suppressant.  The glass of water promotes stomach health as well.  When you have some water on your stomach before you grab that cup of coffee, it will reduce the negative impacts and can reduce heartburn.

Happy Thoughts To Start Your Day

Much like sunshine bringing positive vibes, meditation and happy thoughts are often recommended.  It seems like having the “me” time that meditation or devotionals include is key to keeping centered and starting the day with intention.  The important part of this habit is to have a time at the outset of the day where you can enjoy life without the cacophony it typically includes.  I started doing this to some level in college, but I think it can be effective at much younger ages.

We have challenges and tests each day related to work, school, or family interactions.  These can easily drag us down and cause worry.  When we start the day with some positive thoughts and the “centering” that comes from meditation and devotionals, we build a sort of wall against worry.  Work will be ok because we are good at it.  The tests at school will go ok because we studied.  These are just a few examples.  If positive thinking is hard for you, then definitely give this ritual a try.  There is a lot of physical good that happens when we are happy so starting the day with positive thoughts helps us get those done.  Just like taking daily vitamins, happy thoughts can improve the quality of life today and tomorrow.

These are just a few easy to start routines that can help you make every day brighter.  Try one or two and let me know how well the changes work for you.


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