An Interview with Royce Earp

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Stay At Home Dad, Master of Homeschooling

We launched the interview podcast episodes with a discussion with Royce Earp.  Royce is an old friend and incredible Father.  He has raised two fine young men.  However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Royce was a stay-at-home dad for nearly all of those child raising years.  He also home schooled the boys throughout their education.

This series covers topics like homeschooling, choosing to be a single income family, and even the challenges of an empty nest.  We occasionally drift into other topics like hockey and the challenges of going off to college.  I found this to be a great series to get started with interviews, had a lot of laughs, and get to introduce you to an incredible model for Fatherhood.


Royce Earp Part 1

Royce Earp Part 2

Royce Earp Part 3


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