Episode 89 – Reboot Your Life

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Embracing Watershed Moments

Children have regular events that are perfect for resetting their life and expectations.  Every new school year is such an opportunity but in some areas (such as grades) every grading period can be a new start.  These opportunities to reboot your life are great ways to relieve stress and keep a positive outlook.  As adults, it is easy to get into a rut.  However, when we find some time to assess and adjust our lives we can keep that childish optimism alive.

A life reboot is more than just a New Year Resolution.  In this process, we examine what we want from life and how we are doing to achieve our goals.  Think of it as creating a report card for our life.  A new job or other “life event” often can trigger a life reboot, but let’s look at making that a more regular occurrence.

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