Pull Them Into Success Instead of Holding Them Back For Safety

Turning a No into a Yes-and

Success is sometimes a matter of perspective.  Kids have goals and measures of success that often are not practical or safe.  Thus, we tell our children “No” far more often than we give them a “Yes.”  This can create a point of conflict or at least some resistance on their part.  This may be unavoidable in some cases.  However, there are also times where we can move with them and provide guidance.  We can change a “No” that may put them on defense into a “yes” that makes them feel supported and can build confidence.

When we show our children that we do not always have to be right and instead let them take the lead, it will help them feel more comfortable with questions and even push back.  This may not be apparent with young kids.  However, as they grow into adolescents they may be more respectful of parents than children that have always been told “No.”  It is just logical that children will act in a way that reflects whether they think all requests will be met with a “no.”

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