Maintain a Childish Perspective – Episode 96

Get Over Yourself

Parents can get wrapped up in parenting at times.  We have so much on our minds that we take the easy way out.  We focus on rules and guidelines in our homes and for our children.  As we dwell on these rules we suck the humanity and love out of our relationships.  Instead of well-balanced children, we create sticklers for the letter of the law.

Our kids need a break from the struggles of life just like we do.  It is ok to take a “night off” and let your kids slide on those “nice to have” rules we setup for them.  This includes things like chores, proper behavior, and even cleanliness.  Skipping a tooth brushing does not create a cavity.  Yes, you want to create habits, but occasionally allow for some easing of those rules so your kids can enjoy their childhood.  Never fear, you can return to parenting the next time.

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