Coaches and Mentors – A Path To Success

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We Can All Use a Mentor

It seems like mentors are more popular among adults than children.  However, a good mentor can provide your child an avenue for learning they otherwise would miss.  We want to raise them right and teach them all we know, but sometimes ours is not the right voice.  A trusted mentor can get through even when our children are resistant to a message.  This is helpful at young ages, but critical as the kids move into middle and high school.

Peer pressure is hard for parents to fight against.  They often are the opposition to peer pressure and steadily undermined.  A mentor may be able to take a different approach and provide a voice of reason that the child knows is on their side.  Sometimes our children just don’t like what we have to say.  Thus, there is no reason to take it personally if they listen to a mentor instead.  At least the message is getting through.

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