Parental Proverbs – Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Parenting

Many years ago a King called Solomon wrote down his proverbs of wisdom.  Although he was a wise king, Solomon may not have come from an ideal family.  Even so, he is considered one of the wisest ever to live.  Over the next weeks and months, I will be walking through those sayings and applying them to parenting.  These parental proverbs combine my experience and his wisdom into some help for modern parents.

An Introduction to Parental Proverbs

I will be working through Proverbs slowly and dissect each bit of knowledge as we go.  Not everything is likely to be a direct fit for parenting.  However, I bet we will find ways to improve our lives each step of the way.  I want to be clear before we start.  This series is not intended to be an example of how I have been successful.  We all make mistakes, and even Solomon made some big ones.  Instead, this series is aimed at giving us all some insight into how to be better at our jobs as parents.

Solomon’s Purpose

The introduction of Proverbs is a set of goals for the writings.  These translate into an impressive list.

  • For gaining wisdom and instruction
  • Understanding words of insight
  • Instruction in prudent behavior
  • Doing what is right, just, and fair
  • Prudence for those who are simple
  • Knowledge and discretion to the young
  • Add to the learning of the wise
  • Guidance for the discerning

He wraps it up with a simple statement that can be translated to “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  He lays it out in an impressive way.  Anyone can benefit from these proverbs.  Thus, only a fool will pass it up.

Our Approach

I will typically move along at a snail’s pace of a verse or two.  However, there is a lot of wisdom packed into every few words.  Thus, each section will not necessarily be brief.  We will look at the verse, how it may apply to us, and how we can see it in action.  In the end, I hope that we can all agree on the wisdom and applicability of each verse to our lives.  That being said, this is not intended to be in-depth or scholarly.

I think that parenting wisdom is often common sense.  Therefore, we have the tools we need.  It is just that sometimes we need to pause a moment and reflect on the best approach to a situation.  Therefore, take each post with a grain of salt.  They come from my experience.  However, you may see each item in a whole different light.

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