Never underestimate your enemy (or your friends)

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In the Art of War Sun Tzu addressed underestimation with a telling quote.  “He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them.”  Although the quote refers to situations of conflict, underestimating others can lead to failure in all walks of life…. Read more »

Misdirection – The First and Best Avoidance Technique

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Pop Quiz.  What is the first thing a parent does with a  crying newborn?  Correct.  They go to the child and try to calm them.  The calming attempts include feeding the baby or changing diapers.  In short, they try to address the discomfort that caused the tears.  When a baby continues… Read more »

Choose Your Battles Carefully to Win the War

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A look at military history will show some wars that were won based on the battles that the winning side focused on.  There are even examples of lost or abandoned battles that led to winning the war.  Life has a lot of smaller scale wars we fight.  The war might… Read more »