An Interview with Michelle West

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Michelle West : A Conversation About a Mother’s Greatest Fear

No one wants to hear that a family member has cancer. However, it is worse when that family member is your young child.  This series of interviews explores the ups and downs of Tyler  West and his fight against cancer.  The discussion with Michelle West is from the biased position of a proud momma.  Nevertheless, you will see how strong families can produce amazing kids.

Although there are some (understandably) emotional parts to this series, it ends on a happy note.  Tyler is in remission and exploring the world he was unable to access while undergoing chemo.

The stories about this family and Tyler, in particular, are great motivation to live life and enjoy the blessings you have.  You may need to keep a box of tissues nearby, but you will be shedding tears of happiness before we finish the series.  You will also be much more likely to contribute to St Judes Hospital after hearing how incredible the staff and doctors are.

Michelle Angelici West Part 1

Michelle Angelici West Part 2

Michelle Angelici West Part 3

Michelle Angelici West Part 4

Michelle Angelici West Part 5


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