An Interview with Stewart Day

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Raising an Elite Child

The title of this section may over state things.  Stewart’s children are not all “elite” exactly, but they are very successful.  We focus on his son, Tucker, who quickly rose through the ranks of sought after kicker/punters in the NCAA.  We look at how he kept Tucker grounded and some of the challenges in getting to the right place at the right time.

Stewart is a great guy that drops a lot of value bombs during the interview series.  He does not sugar coat his ideas and that makes them all the more impactful.  I learned a lot in this interview series and I hope it helps you keep your children’s dreams grounded just enough.  You want them to reach while not having their head in the clouds.

As an epilog to this series, Tucker is going to start at Mississippi State this fall with a coach that highly impressed him.  Keep an eye on Tucker as his story is just getting started.


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