An Interview With Michael Meloche

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Michael Meloche – Stepping into Fatherhood

It is not often that a father starts his work when a child is already into tweens or teens.  Michael did just that.  He became Jessie’s dad when she was looking at high school.  This interview series covers how he came to adopt her and their incredible relationship.

Michael may have started late in the game as her Father, but he has made the most of this opportunity.  He even got to walk her down the aisle and hand her off to her husband.  Let’s face it; this is one of those stories that warm the heart and gives us all hope to be better fathers.

There were challenges and even some drama along the way.  Nevertheless, this story shows what a man can do when he decides to embrace being a dad.  Getting married later in life does not mean you miss out on all of the great experiences it has to offer.  Join me in this fun discussion with a longtime friend.

Michael Meloche Part 1

Michael Meloche Part 2

Michael Meloche Part 3


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