An Interview with Karen Lock Kolp

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Karen Lock Kolp – Her Podcast Means More When You Know Her Story

Karen’s podcast is titled “We turned Out Ok,” and although it is perfect for cheering on parents, it is also a description of her.  Karen has a broad experience with young children as an educator and scholar as well as a Mom.  This experience and her Ninja Parenting community provide for some great topics to discuss on her podcast.  Luckily, she brings that wisdom and expertise to this interview series.

Karen has struggled through some personal challenges along the way that have nothing to do with parenting.  Nevertheless, she has weathered the storms and come out on the other end with a podcast that she obviously enjoys and is a help to parents all over.  This series of interviews included some great wisdom as we discussed a broad range of topics facing parents of young children and middle-schoolers.

You can check out her site at  Also, you can follow her on Twitter at or Instagram: @weturnedoutokay. Her Facebook page can be found at  Finally, visit her site for links to her book and other great parenting articles or subscribe to We Turned Out Ok on iTunes and tell her Rob says “Hi.” 🙂

Karen Lock Kolp Part 1

Karen Lock Kolp Part 2

Karen Lock Kolp Part 3

Karen Lock Kolp Part 4


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