An Interview With Craig Daliessio

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Craig Daliessio – A Father of Sacrifice

It is hard to focus on one thing that has defined a man that has lived a life like Craig’s.  Nevertheless, his experiences as a homeless dad and the “why” of his journey are unforgettable.  He gives us all pause during this interview series as we wonder if we could choose the same path.  He has come out on the other side of his years of trials with a renewed love of life and a desire to share his stories with others.

Through these episodes, we cover a lot of topics including what makes a good father.  Some of these traits may be lost in modern society, but Craig shows us how the “dad job” should be done.  You may even find it hard to ever look at homeless people the same after listening to this discussion.

Craig has written a couple of books including his latest, “Nowhere to lay my head.”  We talk about the forward in this series, but the book is more than worth a read.  Check out his website for more information at  Also, you can find this book and his past ones on Amazon.  All of his books combine real life experiences and excellent story-telling into unforgettable reads.

Craig Daliessio Part 1

Craig Daliessio Part 2

Craig Daliessio Part 3

Craig Daliessio Part 4


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