Hobbies for a Lifetime

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Hobbies are an important part of finding balance in life.  They allow us a “safe place”, a comfort zone, and a way to recharge.  Thus, help your child to find a hobby and it will give them a path to happiness.  Here are a few suggestions to have your child try out.  Who knows, they might find something they enjoy throughout their life.

Classic Hobbies

Some traditional hobbies may not jump to mind these days.  Nevertheless, some of these have a great side effect of leading to potential gain financially.  Collecting is a good place to start for a hobby.  A collection may include coins, stamps, or souvenirs like hats or glasses.  Encourage these hobbies by showing interest in what has been collected.  Ask your child what the story is behind some of the items.  Thus, helping them feel like the hobby can be shared with others.  Also, it can get them to see some of the great value in a collection.  That value being the story behind each item in the collection.

Most items that are collected have a greater value as time goes by.  Currently, some collectibles sell for a surprisingly high price.  These include popular collectibles like Beanie Babies and lesser-known items like Nintendo game cartridges.  Even better, many collectible items have a value in themselves.  This includes comic books, card games like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, and even Holiday items from Hallmark.

Mental Hobbies

As the average lifespan grows, we are seeing a rise in degenerative mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  However, these are less likely to occur to those that stay mentally active.  So mental-based hobbies can help the quality of life in later years as much or more than early on.

Reading is a common hobby.  When it becomes a hobby it will be focused on topics or material in a certain family.  This may be mystery novels, science fiction, romance, history, or a number of other areas.  Fiction reading is an excellent tool for sparking creativity.  On the other hand, non-fiction reading can help grow expertise in any topic.

Crossword puzzles, logic games, word finds, and similar mental challenges are great hobbies for life.  These can have a broad range of difficulty levels that can keep a hobby enjoyable for years or even a lifetime.  Hobbies like this are excellent for increasing vocabulary and general problem-solving skills.

Physical Hobbies

These hobbies are an excellent way to stay healthy and fit throughout a lifetime.  They include games like golf or basketball, workouts like jogging or aerobics, and walking-related activities.  All of these might be done solely to get fit, but when the activity itself is enjoyable it can be a great hobby.  Many of these hobbies can be a regular a way to unplug and relax.  Hiking, biking, and swimming (even fishing) can all greatly reduce stress levels and increase heart health.

It Never Ends

Hobbies can be found everywhere.  There is knitting, playing cards, cooking, eating, gardening, and the list goes on.  Keep an eye out for some activities that can grow into a hobby for your kids.  Surpisingly, these can be the greatest gifts you pass on to the next generation.



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