An Introduction

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This is the first post so an introduction seems a great place to start.  I built this site, server, and all the trappings as part of a class.  Actually as a part of creating a class I teach.  If you are curious, the class details can be found on my other site,  When I built this site it had no real purpose.  Since this website is a part of a class, I realized it could be a great tool.  The best way to learn is by doing.

I have always had a bit of a writing itch and this makes a great place to scratch it.  This could be the start of some little side business, but the goal is to show how easy it is to build a site and bring together like-minded people.  The course we teach about starting a business emphasizes finding a passion.  I am passionate about running my mouth, even in a virtual sense.  Therefore, this will be fun.

Of course, we are all unique.  Like-minded is a broad term.  I think I will delve into topics way beyond the technology I use every day.  This will lead to a wide enough field of topics that I am sure you will find at least a few where you can disagree.   But wait, part of the trick is that this site has no real budget or marketing plans.  Since you are reading this (and are not a student sent here on an assignment) then I have already exceeded my expectations for it.


The Fine Print

I mentioned that I have no budget.  That is not completely true.  I have access to tools through my job that I will use to build this site.  As I make use of a tool I will provide some notes about it and free or low-cost alternatives.  This is a hobby site so I figure it is ok to spend a little money on your hobby.  Particularly if that hobby has a chance to make money.  The best way to happiness is to do what you love and get paid enough to cover your needs.

That gives me an idea for a first, non-tech post…

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