Halloween Hangovers – How to get rid of that candy

Halloween is a fun Holiday.  It defines the month of October and allows us to finish the month with a night out with the kids.  Well one of us anyway, the one that draws the short straw gets to see all of the neighborhood kids while handing out candy.  The problem with the Holiday is that November starts with us looking at more candy than we ever wanted to eat.  Even worse, that candy just stares at us until we mercifully gobble it up.

The Halloween Hangover – Too Much Candy

There are two issues with all of that candy being available after Halloween.  We have kids that want to eat on it until they get sick and we have that same urge.  We know too much candy will make us sick, but the smell of chocolate can be too much to resist.  So let’s all admit we have a problem and look at some ways to get rid of the candy without too many upset stomachs in the family.

Give it Away at Work

Anyone that goes to an office can take excess candy their and make it available.  Of course, everyone does that so we will probably end up eating it ourselves.  In this case, a company kitchen or front desk can be great.  Drop the candy in the kitchen or leave a box in the reception area, preferably anonymously, so the candy can not be returned to you.  Your problem has now become an issue for someone else.

Limit Accessibility

I have found that splitting the candy up into a bunch of zip-lock bags works well.  Keep the portions small, but leave the bags in handy locations.  The bags can be used to fill a lunchbox or to hand out to guests.  You still have to push candy on others, but the bags make it easier to spread that out and avoid eating too much in one sitting.  Even better, place some of the bags in a guestroom or other places you rarely visit.

Feed the Homeless

Charity and serving your personal needs can be a good combination.  Take the zip-lock solution and add something healthy to each bag.  Throw in some grapes, apples or nuts, maybe even a simple sandwich.  Take the bags down to the local soup kitchen and feel like you have done something helpful.  Yes, this will require some work and forethought, but your slightly warmer heart will be worth the time and effort.


Who needs popcorn strands on a tree?  With all of the left-over candy and all those bright colors, you might be able to combine them into more lustrous strand for later.  You want to make sure the candy is not going to bad, but if you have a lot of life savers or similar hard candy to get rid of, this may be a way to get two birds with one stone.  If you need some ideas here is a link to about a thousand of them, https://www.pinterest.com/explore/halloween-candy-crafts.

Use Candy Profiling

Any candy that you give away or make readily available should be the kind most tempting to you.  In our house, Snickers are the most tempting candy, so those are the first I push on others.  No one seems to like Mounds bars, so I make sure those are the most visible to me thus forcing me to dig anytime I want a snack.  In a similar vein eat the candy only you like first.  The worst thing to face is eating candy for a week and finding only the things you like left to be eaten.  It is like serving multiple life sentences because you are still eating on candy while everyone else is back to a regular diet.

Let’s face it Halloween is a two-edged sword.  We have a lot of candy available, but on the other hand, we have a lot of candy available.  Christmas is called the season of giving.  However, proper planning will make the days after Halloween the ones where you focus most on giving things away.

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