Goal Setting for the Summer

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Summer is nearly upon us, and that means a long vacation.  I firmly believe that the long Summer break is needed for kids to recharge for the next school year.  That being said, there is no reason not to take advantage of this time to set goals and improve or learn new skills.  Adults use New Years for some goal setting, but it seems like Summer break is a better time for children to do the same.

Learn a Language

This goal may be an improvement of a current language or learning a new one.  Language skills can improve through reading.  However, rather than push for reading literary works, find a fun series or two for your kids to read.  Try out a site like Duolingo.com as a quick way to learn a new foreign language and even start some related habits.  A few minutes a day can lead to more understanding of any of several languages.  This expansion of existing vocabulary and linguistic skills is useful in the long run.  It can lead to better SAT and ACT scores as well as better overall grades and understanding of other cultures.

Get Artistic

New skills are great areas for goal setting during a long break.  With this in mind, learning an instrument or another creative hobby can be started during a Summer.  There is the option of a tutor a couple of times a week, or go to the Internet.  Tutorials exist that are low-cost or free to learn almost any skill.  This goal can be simple.  Maybe it is to paint a picture on canvas over the break or learn to play a few songs on the piano.  These sort of goals not only help avoid boredom they may also introduce a new hobby or past time.

Get Athletic

Sports and athletic pursuits are very similar to artistic ones.  A Summer can be a great time to learn to swim, work on your golf game, or master billiards.  Much like the creative pursuits, several minutes a day or a few hours a week can make one competitive at a sport.  It can even make a good player into an all-star.  Once again, a summer goal may become a lifetime hobby.

Binge, in a good way

Summer vacation should be a time for fun and relaxation.  With this in mind, there is a lot of binge-watching you can do as a family.  We like to go through movie series during the Summer.  We may only watch a movie or two a week, but we have regular movie nights.  This schedule is perfect for the Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Star Wars and even themed series.  For example, we spent time going through Eighties action movies like the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon movies.  On another occasion, we covered comedies like Trading Places and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Pick a theme suitable for your kid’s interests and ages.

Entertainment is not the only option for your binge-watching.  There are several History channels series or similar offerings that cover history from a fictional or documentary aspect.  These are great ways to spark interest in historical eras or specific topics.

There is a lot of free time for children over the Summer.  Do some goal setting at the start and give your kids an awesome answer to the question, “What did you do this Summer?”

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