Get What You Deserve When You Ignore Wisdom

Those that impart wisdom are not always the most kind and understanding.  Telling a fool, you get “what you deserve” may be considered downright mean.  We all like to be appreciated.  Consequently, we all get frustrated when we try to help but are ignored.

Proverbs 1:26: “I in turn will laugh when disaster strikes you; I will mock when calamity overtakes you-when calamity overtakes you like a storm.”

What you deserve can be an example

This little set of verses makes the author sound like a pretty heartless guy.  He says he will laugh at the calamity that befalls others.  Even worse, he “piled on” when he described the bad things that will happen.  This may seem like pure cruelty.  However, these may be warnings to make it more likely that we will listen.  He describes a general calamity that befalls those that do not heed his warnings in hopes that we will avoid the same.

He is not out of the Ordinary

Let’s face it.  We all can sit in the place of this author.  There are things like the Darwin awards and even America’s Funniest Home Videos that bring us laughter at the cost of others.  We can see calamity coming and then laugh to the point of tears when a fool faces consequences.  We even cheer for this in books, TV, and movies.  The bad guy getting an end we all expected is often the climax of the story.  Therefore, it appears that our nature is to laugh at fools being foolish.

A lack of sympathy

We like to pretend that we are above delighting in the suffering of others.  Nevertheless, our actions and responses say otherwise.  Just as the author pointed out how we so often are foolish, he also points out this painful reality.  We expect fools to suffer consequences because it rewards wisdom in a way.

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