Blessing of The Day – A Successful Habit

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Positive thoughts and considering a blessing of the day are one of the habits of successful people.  I think this is a great one to try out for yourself and it takes almost no time.  Actually, if it takes a lot of time then you are doing it wrong.  The first few times you try this you might easily find that it takes a while to find even a single blessing for the day.  However, it does get easier as you find more to be thankful for and your view of life improves.

Blessing of the Day – Times Four

I was first exposed to the practice of thinking of a blessing each day when looking at my wife’s journal.  I was cleaning up her things and found a notebook that had a series of entries.  Every day she listed four blessings or reasons to be thankful.  She listed things like the smell of bread baking, rain, and even adult conversation.  Yes, this was when she spent her days with three boys under seven years of age.  I am not sure that if she were to read it today it would invoke the same emotions it does in me.  However, it is a habit that keeps on giving.

You can always spend a little quiet time each day considering your blessings, but when you write them down it is better.  You get to see your blessing in writing and you can always look back on it when times are tough.  When you find that you could come up with reasons to be thankful during your darkest times, then the good times will seem that much better.

It Is All Relative

The best way to start is to look at what is going right or at least what has not been worse today.  In fact, when you dig into the happiness enjoyed by survivors of trauma, they find very simple things to be monumental.  A survivor of war or disease can find happiness in a thunderstorm or another winter.  You can even use the “lottery winner” approach used by the happiness project.  You can look at how many people do not have the ability to or knowledge to write down their blessing and be thankful for that.  Some people find it a huge blessing to simply have clean water or a bed to sleep in.  If you are reading this, then you have volumes of little victories to list.

When you focus on what is right in your world it gives you ammunition against depression and sadness.  This is a powerful approach to life and why Irish wakes are so much different than funerals where wives throw themselves on a funeral pyre.  Ok, that may be a bit drastic as an example, but it is effective.  There are two options available to us.  One can be a half full person that drinks in what they have.  On the other hand, there is the half empty person that worries about what is missing.  In the end, there is a glass that is not empty, nor is it full.

Start today.  Grab a post-it note or a scrap of paper, or even an empty journal and write down one blessing.  Tomorrow you can double down with two reasons to be thankful and then go for three the next day.  Try this for twenty-one days straight and share the impact it has on you with all who will listen.  You can list the blessing of being able to share if you need a little help on any given day.

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