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Your Family is a Blessing So Stop StressingOut

  • Grandparents have the potential to have eternal impact on their grandchildren. Here’s how.
  • Most people who have had a parent, biological or adopted, can say that at the very least someone had shortcomings that led to pain on our parts. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the reasons our parents may have hurt us (accidentally or intentionally), what the Bible says about forgiving our parents, and how we can approach reconciliation.
  • “Put it back. It doesn’t work!”I had just put my favorite moisturizer into my buggy with my five-year-old granddaughter. She was just learning to read.“What?”Carson pointed to the card. “See. It says ‘Gets rid of wrinkles in just two weeks.’ You don’t need to buy this. It doesn’t work.”My granddaughter didn’t even crack a smile as she assessed my impending purchase. Why? Because it wasn’t funny to her. It was matter-of-fact. I had been using this wrinkle cream for a […]
  • Most lessons for our kids are caught rather than taught. Which means how we live our lives makes the most powerful impression on what our children will believe is valuable.
  • Most people don’t understand why Halloween is an issue and aren’t dressing up to celebrate evil. But darkness comes in many forms. Here’s how to be the light.
  • COVID isn’t going anywhere–and it’s weighing heavily on all of us. God wants to be there for us in our grief.

My Stories and Interviews

I have a podcast called Blessing Not Stressing that has new releases as I feel the need to cover a topic.  This usually includes lessons I have learned. a joke, and a blessing of the day.   The lessons may be a cautionary tale or something I have learned from parents that may not have occurred to you.  The blessing is because I like to include a silver lining that can come out of the more trying situations we face and add a touch of humor to the heavier topics.

Check it out on iTunes or Google.

I also post articles periodically on this blog site.  Then I send out updates to a Facebook page and provide multiple updates daily on Twitter (@thebroadhead).

A Geek

In case you are a visitor and you don’t know me yet, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Rob and I have almost twenty-five years of experience in the IT world.  That experience is as a developer, architect, manager, and designer.  It includes experience with that has used dozens of coding languages.  I have built small and large applications over the years.  Furthermore, I enjoy technology as a user and a creator.  I think that plants me firmly in the “geek” category.

A Dad

I must also introduce my other role as a father of five children.  The load has shrunk as the kids grew up and headed to college, but I still get involved enough to continue to learn how to be a better parent.  It is truly a never-ending task.  That alone gives me more experience with children than most people would want.  However, I must be a glutton for punishment.  I also spent about a decade coaching youth hockey.  Before that, about two decades in youth soccer as a coach, official, and trainer of officials.  That adds up to a lot of interaction with children in the middle school to college age range from a wide variety of backgrounds.

A Wanna-be Jock

My athletic side requires me to introduce my sports background as well.  I have given up soccer for the sport of hockey even though soccer was my sport through most of my life.  Sprinkled among that time I spent a couple of decades playing handball as well.  I guess I had to balance that footwork from soccer with the upper body workout of handball.

Hockey is currently my primary (and almost only) sport.  Thus, I can be found on the ice as a player a couple of nights a week.  That doesn’t include the nights I am in the stands watching the kids play or working on some ballroom dancing moves.  I don’t coach anymore officially, I just yell at the referees like everyone else.  🙂

If my posts seem a little random, I apologize.  This is a medium I find excellent for recording and sharing thoughts and sometimes that leads to a pattern that resembles a stream of consciousness.  If you want to keep to a topic check out the categories menu.  Complaints and suggestions can be posted on articles and I will address them where I can.  Thanks for stopping by!

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